RUMBER FLOOR, 2" X 8" 6' T&G TRACTION BOARD  $41.28Quantity   
  RUMBER FLOOR, 2" X 8" 7' T&G TRACTION BOARD  $48.12Quantity   
THE SMART ALTERNATIVE for all Your Flooring Needs. This composite flooring is equivalent to a standard 2" x 8" tongue and groove board (1-1/2" x 7" actual size). Made from 100% recycled tires and plastic which provides a cushioned surface for trailer floors, serving as flooring and rubber mat combined! The pre-scuffed "Traction Board" surface ensures footing. With a 20 year "Wear-Out" warranty and a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and materials, this durable flooring is made to last! Rumber can be easily cut and drilled using common power tools, and emit no hazardous dust. It is also easy to clean and highly rot resistant.