Chain & Hooks

chain-load-binders.JPG CHAIN LOAD BINDERS
Rated to high test chain specifications, the drop forged Chain Load Binders have freeturning 360 degree swivels on both hooks allowing for easier handling and hook-up. Meets or exceeds CVSA cargo securement guidelines. Part 52003 is ratchet type.
  CHAIN, LOAD BINDER 7.8K FOR 1/4" G43 LEVER TYPE  $15.61Quantity   
  CHAIN, LOAD BINDER 19K FOR 3/8" G43 LEVER TYPE  $23.37Quantity   
  CHAIN-LOAD BINDR 19K FOR 3/8" G43 RATCHET TYPE  $35.39Quantity   
clevis-grab-clevis-slip-hooks-2.JPG CLEVIS GRAB AND CLEVIS SLIP HOOKS
These heat treated, electro-zinc plated Clevis Grab and Clevis Slip Hooks meet all requirements for Grade 43 High Test Chain. This versatile design finds many uses in industry or on the farm. DO NOT use these Hooks for overhead lifting and do not exceed the working load limit.
  CHAIN, CLEVIS SLIP HOOK 7.8K FOR 1/4" CHAIN  $4.33Quantity   
  CHAIN, CLEVIS SLIP HOOK 16.2K FOR 3/8" CHAIN  $6.13Quantity   
  CHAIN, CLEVIS GRAB HOOK 7.8K FOR 1/4" CHAIN  $4.34Quantity   
  CHAIN, CLEVIS GRAB HOOK 11.7K FOR 5/16" CHAIN  $5.95Quantity   
  CHAIN, CLEVIS GRAB HOOK 16.2K FOR 3/8" CHAIN  $3.76Quantity   
  CHAIN, CLEVIS SLIP HOOK 11.7K FOR 5/16" CHAIN  $7.95Quantity   
grade-30-proof-coil-chain.JPG GRADE 30 PROOF COIL CHAIN
An excellent general purpose Chain for use as tow chains, binding, or tie-down chains and logging chains. Proof Coil is NOT to be used for overhead lifting. Proof Coil Chain is Grade 30 low carbon steel with electro-galvanized zinc finish and is sold by the foot.
  CHAIN, PROOF COIL 3/16" GRADE 30 3.2K ZINC  $0.87Quantity   
  CHAIN, PROOF COIL 1/4" GRADE 30 5.2K ZINC  $1.25Quantity   
  CHAIN, PROOF COIL 5/16" GRADE 30 7.6K ZINC  $1.81Quantity   
  CHAIN, PROOF COIL 3/8" GRADE 30 10.6K ZINC  $2.48Quantity   
grade-43-high-test-chain.JPG GRADE 43 HIGH TEST CHAIN
High Test Chain is used in the same applications as Proof Coil Chain but has double the safe working load. High test chain is NOT to be used for overhead lifting. High Test Chain is Grade 43 low carbon steel, self-colored and is sold by the foot.
  CHAIN, HIGH TEST 1/4" GRADE 43 7.8K SELF-COLOR  $1.54Quantity   
  CHAIN, HIGH TEST 3/8" GRADE 43 16.2K SELF-COLR  $2.48Quantity   
  CHAIN, HIGH TEST 5/16" GRADE 43 11.7K SELF-COLR  $2.25Quantity   
Our Safety Chain Hooks are made of high test steel alloy and bright zinc plated to assure dependability and strength. Two sizes and two styles are available. Safety Hooks 4581 and 4681 are equipped with a latch that meets requirements for all states, including California.
  CHAIN, S-HOOK 3K 3/8" FOR 3/16" CHAIN  $1.38Quantity   
  CHAIN, S-HOOK 5K 7/16" FOR 1/4" CHAIN  $2.13Quantity   
  SAFETY HOOK 3/8" ZINC W/ LATCH 2K CAPACITY  $1.47Quantity   
  SAFETY HOOK 7/16" ZINC W/LATCH, 5K CAPACITY  $1.95Quantity   
s-hooks-quick-links-spring-links.JPG S-HOOKS, QUICK LINKS, AND SPRING LINKS
The S-Hook is a quick, easy way to connect chains and is constructed of high alloy steel with a zinc plated finish. Quick Links are for a quick connection of chain, cable and wire rope, and can be hand tightened.
  CHAIN, SPRING LINK 5/16" 350LB ZINC  $4.12Quantity   
  CHAIN, SPRING LINK 3/8" 425LB ZINC  $5.16Quantity   
  HOOK, S-TYPE 3/16" .351K ZINC  $0.38Quantity   
  HOOK, S-TYPE 1/4" .567K ZINC  $0.57Quantity   
  HOOK, S-TYPE 5/16" .969K ZINC  $0.37Quantity   
  HOOK, S-TYPE 3/8" 1.284K ZINC  $1.09Quantity   
  CHAIN, QUICK LINK 3/16" 2.64K ZINC  $1.52Quantity   
  CHAIN, QUICK LINK 1/4" 3.52K ZINC  $1.98Quantity   
  CHAIN, QUICK LINK 5/16" 6.16K ZINC  $2.95Quantity   
  CHAIN, QUICK LINK 3/8" 7.6K ZINC (2931)  $3.95Quantity   
  CHAIN, QUICK LINK 1/2" 10.6K ZINC  $7.50Quantity   
safety-chains-cables.JPG SAFETY CHAINS AND CABLES
Safety Chains provide additional assurance by securing the trailer to the tow vehicle. CC4-36 Cable is made of 1/4" diameter galvanized steel cable and has a 7,000 lb. Minimum Breaking Strength. A permanent coiled effect keeps the cable tight and prevents it from dragging.
  CABLE, SAFETY 7K W/ONE 7/16" S-HOOK 36"LONG  $9.95Quantity   
  CHAIN, SAFETY 11.7K, ONE 5/16" CLVIS HK/LTCH 36"L  $16.70Quantity   
  CHAIN, SAFETY 15K W/ONE 3/8" CLEVIS HOOK 35"LNG  $16.97Quantity   
  CHAIN, SAFETY 20K, ONE 3/8" CLEVIS HK/LTCH 36"L  $26.51Quantity   
  CHAIN, SAFETY 26.4K, ONE 7/16" CLEVIS HK/LTCH 37  $42.23Quantity   
  CHAIN, SAFETY 30K, ONE AG HOOK/LTCH 36" LONG  $45.24Quantity   
  CHAIN, SAFETY 3K W/ONE 3/8" S-HOOK 27"LONG  $4.23Quantity   
  CHAIN, SAFETY 3K W/TWO 3/8" S-HOOKS 48"LONG  $6.90Quantity   
  CHAIN, SAFETY 5K W/TWO 7/16" S-HOOKS 48"LONG  $9.98Quantity   
  CHAIN, SAFETY 7.6K, ONE 5/16" CLVIS HK/LTCH 36" L  $15.78Quantity   
  CHAIN,SAFETY 5K W/ONE 7/16" S-HOOK 30"LONG  $5.93Quantity   
snap-hooks.JPG SNAP HOOKS
Snap Hooks are designed for quick connecting and disconnecting of light duty chain, cable and rope assemblies. All are plated for rust protection. (Snap hooks are not rated.) Length: 3-1/2" Eye Diameter: 5/8"
  SNAP HOOKS- CLOSED EYE- (REF: 466)  $4.77Quantity   
  SNAP HOOKS- DOUBLE END BOLT SNAP- (REF: 162S)  $4.98Quantity   
  SNAP HOOKS- OPEN EYE BOLT SNAP- (REF: 231)  $3.44Quantity   
  SNAP HOOKS- SWIVEL BOLT SNAP- (REF: 225)  $2.47Quantity